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                                                                                      Air Techniques, Inc.

has been providing solutions for measuring and continuously monitoring air emissions for over 30 years. The CEMS Group is part of larger corporation which provides source testing services to meet any EPA methodology. CEMS was a natural product outgrowth from the utilization of our multiple mobile monitoring laboratories. We also have separate divisions providing design and supply of Steel Stacks and air pollution control equipment. The combination of these entities allows us to have in depth perspective of the requirements of a successful CEMS installation both mechanically and to meet regulatory requirements.

Air Techniques is privately held corporation. Our owner, Mr. Wayne Norman provides oversight of all phases of the corporation to ensure our customer’s needs are met. Since the first emissions testing project over 30 years ago, the firm has grown to approximately 30 full time employees. The majority of our employees have degrees in engineering or an environmental science & 20 of those personnel are dedicated to CEMS and air emissions testing. Jeff Wheeler, the Director of the CEMS Group pushes the current technologies and Mike Hall founded our CEMS group has over 35 years of experience with CEMS integration.

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Air Techniques Mobile Monitoring Lab

Mobile Monitoring Lab (ATI Testing)

Mike Hall Founder of ATI CEMS

Mike Hall - Founder of ATI CEMS

CEMS Cabinets
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